The Frequency Locator is a simple-to-use application that can find available frequencies for your wireless microphone equipment to use based on a specific location.

The opening screen allows you to choose the location you want to find available frequencies for. You can enter your address, locate your position on a map, or use the GPS unit in your phone+. These three methods will all determine your latitude and longitude. Alternatively, you can directly enter your latitude and longitude.

Based on your selected location you will be presented with a range of served areas. These are ordered by the anticipated strength of signal at your location. This is determined by the distance from your location to the transmitter and includes factoring in transmitter power levels.

Choose one or more transmitters and click Submit to see the available frequencies.

Based on the transmitters selected you will be presented with the Recommended frequencies for wireless.

You are also able to view:

  • Current situation details: The channel allocations as they are being used.
  • Your location: The location you have selected presented on a map.
  • Wireless ready products: Products from Sennheiser that are wireless ready.

If you would like to view the available areas list for you location again, just click on the Transmitter Tower Tower icon at the bottom of the page. Or if you would like to choose a new location click on the Magnifying Glass icon.

+ If you select GPS locator your system will either use the GPS in your device or carry out an Internet address lookup based on your Internet Service Provider's network. In the case of an Internet address lookup results may not be accurate.

The Frequency Locator app, produced by Sennheiser Australia, is designed to provide guidance to users of wireless microphones and associated systems in Australia.

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